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Cosplayer NiGHTmaren > Costume of Pit (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Best in Show - AnimeExpress 2008
Costume worn at:
Anime Express 2008
Anime Festival Orlando / AFO 2008
Anime Weekend Atlanta 2008
MegaCon 2008
Metrocon 2008
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
Completed February 2008

I'm very proud of this costume, and having been a Kid Icarus fan for 20 years, I really enjoy cosplaying as Pit. I learned a lot from making this costume, it was an adventure into learning leather - from how to pattern it, to tooling, embossing, rivetting, making belts, buckles, etc. The trim was hand-painted to match the art, 6 yards total considering it was 3 yards and both sides were done. I did some interpretive designs for the armband and arm bracers, since I seen designs in the art but they are not terribly clear. There is tooling on pretty much all of the leather, but the detail tends to get entirely lost in photos and is best appreciated in-person. These are my second pair of wings I've made, smaller and lighter than my Chibi-Usa wings and the feathers were shaped to look more cartoony. They were built with the same structure and method, though, aside from those differences, with a harness structure that is easily concealed by the touga. The touga was made with a nice gauze fabric, which I patterned out to match Pit's layered robes, it took a lot of studying the art to get it just right. His touga was harder to make than I thought it would be, because of how complicated the layers are and how they overlap. I ended up using Sharpies to color the new wig, since the most appropriate wig I found for him was in blonde. D: The blades were constructed out of wood, my boyfriend did the sanding for me, and cut the blades out, and I did the rest. Blades will be re-made in the future to be a bit smaller, lighter, more accurate, and be able to connect.

*NOTE* Top-most photos represent the most recent version of this costume, as it has gone thru changes since I've made it.

Costume featured in COSMODE 24.
Personal Thoughts:
I started making and finished this costume before the game premiered. As such, I had very limited resources and referencing, I had to do a lot of research and find the best screenshots to pick from. I plan on making the Three Sacred Treasures version from the Uprising game, even though I really want to remake this costume since it's been a few years, I'll probably opt to go with that version instead.

This costume was featured as a showcase costume on Cosplay.com on 07-24-2008 and was also featured in Cosmode : Issue 24.
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