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Hi everyone, I am also known as CelestialShadow19. I had to make a new profile because admin will not help me retrieve my password for my old account. You can see my old costumes under that name. Sorry for the confusion.

I am a 34 year old cosplayer, wife and mother who lives in Japan. My husband is Japanese and we split our time between the Seattle and Tokyo. I attend many events here for cosplay such as Wonderfestival, Tokyo Game Show, and am also a volunteer for World Cosplay Summit. I help the WCS organization with promotion of the event in Tokyo. I handmake the majority of my own costumes and have 15 years sewing experience behind me. I also run my own costume shop. Sometimes i buy cheap costumes too and recycle them, remake them or just reuse them. Why waste?

My favorite series are Sailor moon, Final Fantasy, Captain Harlock and anything kind of fantasy sci-fi. I guess I like older series better than new ones but love seeing other peoples costumes from these new series.

Im happy to talk to everyone about costumes, life in Japan, international marriage, ect. Feel free to contact me =)

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