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Hi, I'm Jen! I have been cosplaying since 2007. I attend conventions in the Northeast, USA. Hope to see you around sometime!


Zenkaikon 2007 Masquerade - 1st place performance
Shikkaricon 2007 Masquerade - 2nd or 3rd place performance
Zenkaikon 2008 Masquerade - 2nd place performance

Zenkaikon 2009 - Guest, as part of Concept Galaxy
ToraCon 2012 - Cosplay Chess participant
ToraCon 2013 - Cosplay Chess stage crew

StogaCon 2008 - Staff. Host of AMV panel.
StogaCon 2009 - Staff. Co-host of Cosplay 101 Panel. Host of Cosplay Masquerade.
VXGPO 2008 - Staff. Videography.

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