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Hi! I'm Cori aka LadyCels (or Cels/Dragonladycels). I'm a costumer/designer/makeup artist from Connecticut. I specialize in Historical Costumes, Moulage Makeup, and Cosplay. I love to make stuff, and I love to teach people to make stuff :3
I started cosplaying in 2003. I quickly started earning awards at small, local conventions for my craftsmanship and designs. I later went on to win a few awards at bigger conventions. In 2008, I decided to call it quits from the contest circuit, rather to concentrate on schooling and improving myself as a costumer.

Today, I make costumes for not just myself by others. I may not be the prettiest or sexiest cosplayer out there, but I love the craft and I love the people involved. Cosplay is about fun :D

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