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Hello other patrons of this Earth, my name is Jordan. I have a lot of friends ranging to the ones who are at arms reach and the ones who are miles away, I love them and they are my inspiration. I am apart of a cosplay foundation called Flaming Idiots Cosplay which has 4 main members and countless honorary members.
I am a amateur cosplayer and artist, when it comes to what I cosplay it truly is based on what fandom I am interested in at the moment. I will list my completed cosplays and costumes that I plan on making in the foreseeable future, I will not list every single thing I plan on cosplaying period because that would take up far too much room.
Completed Cosplays:
Denmark - Hetalia
2P England- Hetalia
Rufus Shinra- FF7
The Batter- OFF
Jake English- Homestuck
Cronus Ampora- Homestuck
Casual Prince Gumball- Adventure Time
Cosplays I want to make sometime this year:
Byakuya Togami
Rufioh Nitram
*complete* Cecil Baldwin
Simon Petrikov
Rose Lalonde

Next Convention Appearance:

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