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My name is Micah. My first convention was Anime USA, all the way in 2007 (Wow, it's been that long?). My first costume was Lady Subaru which was debuted at Otakon 2007 and is not retired. I've done three costumes, not counting numerous Halloween costumes, and with each one I like to challenge myself to do something better. My favorite anime is Sailor Moon, and I live a lot of my life by it. I dream of being a writer, and cosplaying helps me understand my characters in a new way. Cosplaying is one of the things that makes me feel beautiful.

Some of my favorite things to do include reading, writing, and of course cuddling with fluffy things (like my cat). I try to do something new every costume and some things I hope to still do is making a ball room dress, making armor, and participating in a masquerade. I also have a collection of Octopuses and eighteen piercings. :}
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