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I became interested in anime when I saw Sailor Moon and Pokemon on Cartoon Network, but didn't discover cosplaying until my junior year in college. None of my friends cosplayed, so there was a lot of trial-and-error with wigs, props and costumes. I had also never taken a class in sewing before. I started off with buying costumes off ebay, but now I'm learning to sew with the help of my mother, youtube, and google search. Cosplay has also spurred my interest in photography. I use a Canon EOS 60D.

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firecloak says, "I used photoshop. Basically just got a fire stock image and used screen."
For Vulpix from Pokemon
kamokyo says, "good job on the award"
For Kikyo from Inuyasha
kamokyo says, "I like it, how'd you get the special effects in? "
For Vulpix from Pokemon