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hi hi! ^.^ yay for short cosplayers!!! *stands tall at 4'11"*

I love cosplay and I've been doing it since 1999... o_o has it really been that long? I love cosplaying cute girls and old men. My favorite things are cute, creepy things, and clowns. My gaming console choices are Nintendo 3DS, Vita, and XBox!

I was a part of the USA Musume cosplay troupe!

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hichan says, "I made it myself."
For Benio Adashino from Twin Star Exorcists
otacco says, "Where did you get your Benio cosplay???"
For Benio Adashino from Twin Star Exorcists
waynekaa says, "Aw who's the cutey!"
For Yuki Yuna from Yuki Yuna is a Hero
cherryteagirl says, "Very cute Madoka!! ^^"
For Madoka Kaname from Madoka Magica
Mirai Noah says, "Yay for H!P cosplay! Looks awesome!"
For Haruna Iikubo from Morning Musume