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The name's Kate-Lynn, but most people call me Shizu. It's stuck with me now.

I was born in New Jersey, but I live in North Carolina. I'm currently enrolled in King's College in Charlotte for Graphic Design.

I started cosplaying in early 2008. My first costume was Hokage Tsunade, which I bought. I no longer buy costumes. :<

My first convention was MTAC (Middle Tennessee Anime Convention) and I've been going ever since. I also attend Animazement and Ichibancon regularly. I'm hoping to go to AWA next year, but we'll see.

My friend Mina helped me make my first hand-sewn costume, Syaoran from Tsubasa, and since then I've started sewing my own costumes. I'm proud of my work as of yet, and I can't wait to get even better.

My best friend and I have our own studio account for our cosplays on Deviantart. If you're curious, check it out here: http://k-squared-studios.deviantart.com/

I do commissions on my own personal Deviantart page, and that link is in my Webpage section. Feel free to snoop around.

That's about all. Cosplay pictures will be posted up soon. :)

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