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Only really started getting into the cosplay scene about 3 years back. I'm proud to say that my sewing skills have improved quite a bit but I still have a long long ways to go before I get anywhere near the pro-ness of some of the cosplayers I admire so much. Wish I could spend more time on my costumes but I get distracted so easily and so alot of it ends up being last minute. oops.

Also wish I could get better photos as well but i could never quite bring myself to schedule a real photoshoot when my outfits arent really all that great to begin with. ah well.

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Shii Arisugawa says, "The costume designs are always crazy, not to mention change like woah with every image... I still think you did a great job with this!! You're also very pretty, and I love your wig!"
For Zephie from Magna Carta II
For Zephie from Magna Carta II
saku says, "you look beautiful! I love felicia :)"
For Felicia from Magna Carta: Phantom of Avalanche
TATTO says, "you look great in this! Magna Carta designs are kind of wackadoo to begin with, I think you get a great job~"
For Zephie from Magna Carta II