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Honestly, I've only been cosplaying for a couple years now. I'm becoming more consistent with all my online accounts and creating new costumes (with or without groups!) I even started doing commissions, but I also love and do cosplay photography too.

P.S. One of my favorite things is cosplaying characters that are officially cosplaying. I love you, Gainax.

This year upcoming year of 2013, I have more cosplays planned! One new one has happened already, and one more is fully in the works at this moment, so we'll see!

Another thing is that I really want to do more group or paired cosplays instead of just on my own. I think that adds to the motivation and fun! I'm really friendly, don't be shy?

Stuff I really want to do -
Sakizou artwork based cosplay!
Junko Mizuno artwork based cosplay!

Feel free to message me if you see anything and would like to plan something!

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