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Hi y'all :)
I'm a big anime fan who just recently got into cosplaying-I've mainly done cosplaying from one of my favorite series, Tokyo Mew Mew. I have attended Anime Boston (my nearest anime con) for 2 years, first as a closet cosplayed Keiichiro, and more recently as battle uniform Mew Ichigo--I know a few people on here already (like Snugglez-chan!) and look forward to making more friends :) please let me know what you think of my outfits--any constructive criticsm is gladly welcomed :)

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Snugglez says, "Wuaaah, it looks so cool! I wish I could have made mine from scratch like that... So awesome! And you're really pretty too!"
For Ichigo Momomiya / Mew Strawberry from Tokyo Mew Mew