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Hey there! Thanks for taking an interest in my costumes!
I have been cosplaying since 1997 but only recently (imo) have I gotten really good at it. Feel free to message me, talk, etc. I'm a pretty easy going person. I've only ever met one cosplayer that I didn't like, so chances are we can become good friends ^_^ Also feel free to follow me on twitter too!
And...to answer some questions that I have received, no I actually have not cosplayed as Chun-li. It's a nickname that kinda stuck from a long time ago. I do eventually plan on getting around to a costume of her. Someday.
P.S. Feel free to comment on my costumes, I love hearing what other people think about them!
I also wear lolita but I do not upload those photos here as I do not consider the fashion as costume.

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princemercury1 says, "This looks fantastic!! Great job!!! *__*"
For Sheik from Hyrule Warriors
yuna-kallen-rinoa says, "Beautiful!"
For Sheik from Hyrule Warriors
SailorAnime says, "Hey, it's you! :D I do love you cosplay! Also, Funk Brothers on Flickr got some group shot that have you and your sister in it, in case you didn't see them."
For Eternal Sailor Pluto from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
anna-neko says, "wow, your wig is most impressive!"
For Rose from Street Fighter IV
Kitsoru says, "Dat wig! Awesome job!"
For Rose from Street Fighter IV