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"The world is an illusion, the art, is to bring this illusion to this very world"

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PetiteAltesse says, "Amazing detail. Best 3rd form Haseo."
For Haseo from .hack//GU
Ash Odin says, "Man, those things are creepy. They always looked like a big hand to me, trying to pop someone's head. Anyways, good job it looks real!"
For Face-Hugger from Aliens
Ash Odin says, "All your armor looks really good! I'm making my Vaan right now, so I hope it turns out as good as yours!"
For Vaan from Final Fantasy Tactics A2
pook_da_nerd says, "oh shit dude!..... ......BAD.....ASS...... This is like the best Haseo cosplay ive ever freaking seen in my life. Only thing is..... You gotta look freaking PISSED. cause like Haseo was always pissed after he became the terror of death"
For Haseo from .hack//GU
Temari_Nara says, "amazing cosplay loved it o.o"
For Ashe / Ashelia B nargin Dalmasca from Final Fantasy XII