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Soooo, I'm a greenhorn when it comes to cosplaying. Technically I have 2 costumes, one of Sango from Inuyasha and one of San from Mononoke Hime. My Sango cosplay sucks, but I made it in sixth grade so that's excusable. My other costume, San, has been worn to one convention; Ohayocon 2009 (this was also my first convention ever :P. It was a blast). I'm currently planning on a cosplay of Amaterasu from the game Okami. It'll be a human interpretation of her. More updates on that later.

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AmazonMandy says, "I am REALLY bad at navigating ACP, I hope I do this right...first off, WONDERFUL San, I love this so much. Beautiful job on a great character!! Second, thank you SO MUCH for your kind comments on my cosplays, you're a very thoughtful person! &hear"
For San from Princess Mononoke
Black Gokou says, "Hey, thanx for the comment, even though it was poking fun lol. Nice cosplay!"
For San from Princess Mononoke
Samariyu says, "Yes she is, and she's one of my favorite anime characters EVER from one of my favorite movies EVER. No one else at the con had a San outfit."
For San from Princess Mononoke
bunny.jack says, ">w< so cool people hardly ever cosplay her ^u^ and she is so awesome too"
For San from Princess Mononoke