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i'm a 21 yr old uni student/cosplayer from way down south in new zealand-- the hobby isn't that big here, but we get by. o/ i've been doing this since mid-2000's and also had the privilege of going overseas to cosplay/compete internationally, and the more i cosplay the more i love the hobby.

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Sephirayne says, "Love this costume. Its one of my favourite dresses of Esther's"
For Esther Blanchett from Trinity Blood
Meltingmirror says, "Looks great! This makes me so excited to finish my own."
For Elementalist from Granado Espada
Shii Arisugawa says, "Aww, I didn't see you wearing this?? :( You are so cute in this, and I can't believe you handpainted all of that! HOLY SHIT!"
For Kunogi Himawari from xxxHoLic