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Issu says, "I know this comment is a year old (sorry I don't frequent ACP) but fucking high-five for recognizing this game!!! Thank you for the compliment :)"
For Fur Gots from Azure Dreams
artikgato says, "Holy crap an Azure Dreams cosplayer. I am speechless. The costume looks amazing! Mad props to you!"
For Fur Gots from Azure Dreams
Dokudel says, "Awesome! :D"
For Ginshu from Amatsuki
Terranell says, ";___; I love my Eternia group!! I had so much fun with you two. There are certain costumes that are made 200 times cooler with friends and Farah was definitely one of those for me. I really love you as Meredy."
For Melody from Tales of Eternia
Issu says, "Bah, it was a lot cooler than it looked actually! It was an absolute pleasure <3 So much fun to wear and just as much to hang around with you c:"
For Loran Cehack from Turn A Gundam