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I'm known by many names, but a lot of people know me by ChibiTifa. I've been cosplaying for about 6 years now, and I enjoy doing it. I don't usually cosplay by myself, for I have many friends who join me in the insanity. I love meeting new people and making friends, so if you do see me at a con, don't be afraid to say hi. ^_^

Special thanks to Nyoko for making me Celestial! I love you hon!

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Random Karen says, "You are so cute!"
For Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite
CeruleanDraco says, "OMG i'm so glad someone finally did this! AWESOME!!"
For Kat from Gravity Rush
Shii Arisugawa says, "That wig looks fantastic on you! :D"
For Shura Kirigakure from Blue Exorcist
ChibiTifa05 says, "Actually it was from an ebay seller. XD When I get more time, I'll update the wig info!"
For Shura Kirigakure from Blue Exorcist
Twinkly_Keepers says, "The wig looks fantastic! Did you give it the 2-tone effect?"
For Shura Kirigakure from Blue Exorcist