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Y hello thar, I like sleeping, eating, and killing zombies, in that order.

Super big THANK YOU to Super_No_1 for the celestial membership upgrade! :O I'm really touched and thankful, & definitely much more inspired now to keep improving on my cosplay!! :D (Instead of being a halfassed bum.)

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YOTSU says, "Hey, I want to do a Ranmao cosplay for Shuto Con this year, would you be interested in selling it?"
For Ranmao from Black Butler
jelfish says, "You look absolutely stunning! <3"
For Diao Chan from Dynasty Warriors 7
Shii Arisugawa says, "I remember seeing you~~ HELLO NURSE! I've always loved how you do your make up! >o<"
For Akali from League of Legends
waynekaa says, "OH SO SEXYYYYYY"
For Akali from League of Legends
NoAverageAngel76 says, "I Love this Cosplay of Diao Chan!! this is one of my most favorite outfits of hers out of all the games of Dynasty Warriors! :D You did a fantastic job!! :) "
For Diao Chan from Dynasty Warriors 7