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I have been an avid costume designer of 15 years. I am completely self taught. No training, schooling for what I have created.

I pour my heart and soul into each and every little detail of my costumes right down to the thread I sew with. I spare no expense at replicating a costume from a comic, movie or anime to appear as close to exactly what the original design was.

I also create my own fashions which range from traditional to the darker, gothic side of the realm of fashion.

I live, breath and eat sewing! Please contact me if you would like to chat about my costumes or just get to know one another and share costume tips and secrets or just to say HELLO and what fun anime/comic cons are good to attend. I love to meet fellow likeminded cosplayers who dedicate their life to their art as I do. :o)

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belldandyamz says, "love this! great job!"
For Quorra from TRON
Neo Lights says, "You are one of the best cosplayers i have evr seen and i love all you costumes! I can't believe that yo ugot this costume to fit you so well! ^^"
For Firespider - Fiana from Intron Depot 3 - Ballistics
Hooded Woman says, "You look amazing! I love how this came out!"
For Ulala from Space Channel 5
gxpautumn says, "This looks perfect! Your facial structure actually pulls it together so you look exactly like the movie version. A good choice for you and an excellent cosplay."
For Laurie Juspeczyk / Silk Spectre II from Watchmen, The
Fuji Vicious says, "i remember seeing you at ax this last year and i am still so inspired by all your costumes. not only are you gorgeous but you are so talented as a costume creator. thank you for your truly amazing work. i look forward to seeing more of it in the future. "
For Firespider - Fiana from Intron Depot 3 - Ballistics