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I'm Becky and I've been cosplaying since 2001 or so. I love things that are pink, mermaids, and seafood.

(Not mixed together though, as I would never eat pink-mermaid-sushi no matter how good it tasted...)

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Arlette says, "I don't see any goddamn secret cupcakes. GOSH."
For Rapunzel from Tangled
Tarulein says, "haha cool ^^v"
For Ariel from Little Mermaid
anna-neko says, "OMG, I can't like this one enuff!! ♥ ♥"
For Chise from SaiKano
Dokudel says, "Im in love with this costume. One of my favorite games of all time!"
For Goddess Althena from Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
TastyEclair says, "heart!!! so sweet"
For Yvaine from Stardust