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I'm Becky and I've been cosplaying since 2001 or so. I love things that are pink, mermaids, and seafood.

(Not mixed together though, as I would never eat pink-mermaid-sushi no matter how good it tasted...)

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Tarulein says, "haha cool ^^v"
For Ariel from Little Mermaid
anna-neko says, "OMG, I can't like this one enuff!! ♥ ♥"
For Chise from SaiKano
Dokudel says, "Im in love with this costume. One of my favorite games of all time!"
For Goddess Althena from Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
TastyEclair says, "heart!!! so sweet"
For Yvaine from Stardust
setaginny says, "I am so impressed by this! As others have said the swimming pics are amazing, but the costume looks wonderfully accurate and you make a gorgeous Ariel! Nice work!"
For Ariel from Little Mermaid