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I'm an older cosplayer and a freelance illustrator. I've been attending conventions since '97, and have been cosplaying since 2000. I love anime, manga and video games especially stratigical RPGs. I love to jump around on stage and do masquerade. I've met many wonderful people through cosplay, and it is so much fun to take pictures with other people who share my love of the series. I'm really slow in updating and making new costumes mostly because of real life getting in the way. I have a horrible memory in remembering what photographer took what picture. If you took one of my pics and want to be credited drop me a line.

Updates are getting slower, I'm still around still hall cosplay I love doing photo shoots, and I still do the occasional masquerade. But I have now found a new way to spend my times at cons, at my table in the artist alley.

Come visit. :)

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