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I like video games and costumes.

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Kanemochi Kanetarou says, "You did it well as Chaz/Rudy, and with Michi-san as Rika/Fal. I have no other comments for these photos. Great PS-4/TEoTM layers."
For Chaz Ashley from Phantasy Star IV
zippyelly says, "AAAAAH this is so cool!"
For Jiraiya from Persona 4
Fire Lily says, "And you have a Gilder!! You two look fantastic <3 Arcadia love!"
For Clara from Skies of Arcadia
imariyumiki says, "NASH!!!! So good! :D"
For Nash Latkje from Suikogaiden
anna-neko says, "*distant screaming for the glory of Arcadia game*"
For Clara from Skies of Arcadia