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I just realized I haven't posted about Aki-con yet. Wow, probably the smallest con I've been to in awhile besides MEW-con. But I have to say, the hotel was super nice! It was also really relaxing to attend a con, hang out with my awesome ex-roomie, and have time for lots of photoshoots and food. Yes, I actually got to eat at this con!!! As a plus, we were on the executive floor of the hotel so there was food and beverages for free all day!!! I think that was worth the extra monies for the room.

Uhmmm, I got in really late on Friday night. I was wearing Mukahi Gakuto from Prince of Tennis. Oshitari Yuushi, ~Void-Pencil met me in the lobby. We did a shoot thanks to Clarissa that ended up in the hotel room---well, they are the dirty pair for a reason. I think we ended up looking cute though! We then hung out in ~shadow-freak's room with lots of others! <--OMG! First time we were at a convention together and not sleeping together WUT!!! Thanks so much to ~Haruu-chan's dad for getting us pizza! I think we thought to pick up our badges at that time and found out registration was closed until Saturday morning. Oh well...Turned in early for the night

Saturday morning was MAGI!!! I wore my updated Morgiana with metal vessels. We then went to lunch. I had an awesome seafood chowder. We then had a MAGI shoot with ~Void-Pencil as Aladdin, ~Haruu-chan as Alibaba, and ~shadow-freak as Sinbad. Thanks so much to Shannon's dad and Katie for once again taking pictures. For a few hours in the afternoon, I changed into Miharu and ~Void-Pencil into Yoite from Nabari no Ou. We con wandered, buying bday gifts for people, etc. We then were car-stuffed and taken to dinner with Rasha and lots more people. Belgian waffle was super good and so was the coffee milkshake. Too bad, I was feeling really drowsy from my meds at that point and basically fell asleep on Yoite at the restaurant. I felt so bad. Not only physically, but also that I didn't get a photoshoot with Yoite cause I was so sleepy. SORRY! We'll have to do it over winter break--maybe mall wander? with all the pretty xmas decorations? Oh and for the night, after 2ish hour nap, I switched into Mono from Shadow of the Colossus for the masquerade. I figured that I finished the cosplay anyway, even though Wander and Agro didn't and I also didn't bring anything else formal enough. We went to the masquerade where I crash coursed several people in Rumba, Chacha, and Two-Step Niteclub. Yeah, then we went to the hentai cafe. It was fun! Crashed afterwards

Sunday was also super lazy. I wore PoT again. God I love how comfortable these tennis uniforms are! I did LOTS of last minute shopping including purchasing a Madoka cosplay from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I really thought the quality was good, as well as the workmanship. The dealer was also really good and let me try on several sizes<--I should have just listened to the guy. He was dead on about what size I ended up buying from the beginning.... Oh best part about Sunday was getting to play/getting a refresher/clarification course about Japanese mahjong from the perfect Hohenheim from FMA. He kicked my and Atobe, ~shadow-freak's butt. It was still awesome though. I'm totally thinking of going to his panel at sakuracon! I helped drive half of the way home.

Overall, great con to relax and just chill with friends!!! I don't know if I want to pay money to travel for such a small con in the future but I wouldn't have given up this weekend!

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