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Let's see, I got all of 3 hours of sleep Thursday night before getting up and putting Eiji cosplay on. We left the Eugene airport as Seigaku. Short flight up to PDX and a three hour layover then down to San Jose. Christina was awesome and picked us up from the airport. We then circled the airport until we found the In N Out Burger where we got lunch to go. At fanime, we were not even in full cosplay, (no makeup, carrying our suitcases) yet kept being asked for photos. We waited 3 hours for registration. Myself and ~shadow-freak then made our way to the Samba lesson. On the way back, we got interviewed by Shonen Jump? We had to sign waivers and everything. Hope I didn't look too stupid... All the PoT kids then changed into Rikkai, I love being Akaya. He wasn't a character that stood out much to me in the anime but recently he's so cute in Shin PoT and also in Tenimyu (Genki, stop being sooooo cute). We then went to the dance lessons again. Okay so the first day was mostly spent in dance lessons. But I've never had the opportunity before to do basically a ballroom bootcamp with professional instructors who are really strict and had lots to teach us. I do regret that ~Liarino, our Marui, found a Sanada and we didn't see him. I'm sorry!!! We totally will need to do more group shots if I can somehow round up more members of the team. That night we changed into Hyotei. We ended up receiving two free private lessons in Two-Step Nightclub and in American Tango. I wish we'd gotten more photos of Hyotei (*cough,cough realized we didn't get a single pic of me as Jirou), but Atobe-buchou got majorly creeped on by a stranger so we kinda ran back to the hotel and went to sleep.

Saturday morning turned out to be pretty chaotic. I was wearing Mori. Leaving the peacebonding area, Masamune's (~shadow-freak) calf armor came off and got lost. We spent the next half hour looking for it. Luckily someone turned it into the lost-and-found. And then spent another hour looking for the cosplay repair shop for some safety pins and double-stick tape. We then went to the BASARA shoot. Got to meet some pretty awesome people. I have to say my favorite fandom thus far has to be BASARA. Everyone is so friendly and awesome. We then walked the artist alley. So many pretty things. I want to buy prints but I've been so lazy and haven't even put any of the ones I have up yet and I've lived in this apartment for a year now. By that point, we were pretty tired, so we changed into Gakuen Basara. I'm surprized at how okay gakuen Mori turned out despite it being such a last minute thing. Ate sweets at a cafe with ~shadow-freak as gakuen Yukimura. We had guava mousse, a fruit tart, and a chocolate shell berry tart. Sooooo good! We then met up with ~Yukari-of-Konoha who was gakuen Sasuke. We got thwarted multiple times trying to get Starbucks. In the end we ate dinner at Baja Fresh. I love Mango Salsa now!!! We did purikura after dinner!!! Fun times! Myself and Yukimura then ran to take another 4 private dance lessons. Foot soak that night was very much needed and welcome.

Sunday morning went really smoothly in comparison. We went to the Fanime sports themed shoot as Sakuma and Genda from Inazuma Eleven. I wore the team Japan uniform and ~shadow-freak wore the Teikoku uniform. Yay for red face paint! We didn't nearly make as much of a mess as the last time we tried it. Got to meet up with *ovalis as Captain Endou and some of her friends ~masao as Hiroto and their Fubuki. It was fun singing along to Ina11 music and playing fake soccer with other fans. Sakuma and Genda left and made a quick run through the dealer's hall. Sakuma is still looking for the official PoT metal pins of which he stupidly only purchased Oishi the last time he saw them. We then changed into MAGI. This took ALOT more effort then I thought it would. My necklace/pin piece for Morgiana kept falling off. I also forgot to bring something to change my eyebrow color. Thank you so much =Saya1984. When looking for red liner pencils, look for a Grell. Also thanks so much for the cute bento box!!! Must use it and the L shirt now that finals are coming up. Got back to the room and helped ~shadow-freak put on the remainders of her Sinbad cosplay (jewelry, turban, etc). Then we did a shoot with lots of people.....two Judals = *Tora-rin~Liarino, two Ali Babas = ~Haruu-chan tumblr-lyricalentropy, two Ja'fars, etc. Everyone is so awesome!!! Thanks for the fun times! Hung out then in *Tora-rin's room as she changed into Mitsunari, and then transported ourselves to baby Ja'far's room so she could change into Grell for the black and white ball. It took us 3 hours in the end to change into Ouroborous Tiger & Bunny for the Black and White ball. I had a ton of fun as Oro Kaede with my papa Kotetsu ~Liarino and daddy Barnaby ~shadow-freak. I got to dance alot. I have to commend a lot of the guys at the ball this year who straight up asked me to teach them to dance. It takes a lot of courage to admit that you don't know the steps. Afterwards, ~Haruu-chan took some gorgeous photos of our happy messed up oro family. We ate instant ramen in the room that night, realizing that the only thing we'd eaten the whole day was a coffee that morning. We had to pack since we left really early the next morning.

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