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I had a lot of fun at Sakuracon. :iconvoid-pencil: stayed at my and :iconshadow-freak:'s apartment for the week prior to con so that we wouldn't have to separately go pick her up. We did end up doing the drive up at like 3am. Ashley drove the length from Eugene to Portland and I drove the rest of the way. We had no traffic until Seattle. We were able to check in right away and myself and Farfie changed into Kyuubei and Katsura from Gintama respectively for the shoot. We then went and picked up our badges. I do like the new location for the registration/pick-up. There was no wait. Ashley came along with us to the shoot as Fuji from Prince of Tennis. Lots of fun! I got some good shots from the Gintama shoot. I believe afterwards we ran to change into ice skating Kaede from Tiger & Bunny and Farfie to Motochika from Sengoku Basara for Morita's autograph session. We then got to stand in a very long line... I had Morita sign a cute pencil pouch I bought...I think that afterwards I changed into Mori to join Motochika. The night is actually a bit of a blur. I know we went to the masquerade though it turned to be as unorganized and boring as every year.....Seriously looking forward to the Black and White Ball at Fanime. We were also super tired after the early morning drive so went to bed early.

I think I wore Mori again Saturday morning? OKay maybe I should stop. I really don't remember. I think the photoshoot for BASARA was that morning but not many people showed up. We did get some awesome steady cam video shots though!!! I believe then for the noon-night I changed into Kikumaru Eiji from Prince of Tennis. Had so much fun that afternoon with the Seigaku team. Myself, Kaido, and Fuji went to happy hour at a delicious sushi place. We told Buchou to come with us and abandon Ryoma pantsless at their artist table. Uhmm....then some stuff about our own POT shoot and Inui juice!!! We then finished the night with fail attempt to karaoke. We got to do one song only at special permission from the staff since they were gonna close. THANKS!

Sunday, lazy megane POT day - minus Buchou! We all decided to wear our glasses instead of contacts except buchou who actually doesn't wear glasses! Uhmmm ritual Cheesecake Factory visit before I drove us all home. We actually got a ton of awesome photos! Hopefully I'll post something soon.........:/

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