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Yaoicon this year at first glance seemed like such a disappointment after last year, but then when I look back I can only seem to find good memories and happy/derp-y times. I have to say that the main events were either boring or at least poorly organized this year. But otherwise....

Thursday night: :iconvoid-pencil: came down to Eugene by bus. I honestly can't remember much of that night except that her and :iconshadow-freak: were scrambling to get Date Masamune cosplay done. I went to bed.

Friday: We had an early morning flight to San Fran. Everything went smoothly, even bringing a shopping bag with two wigheads, a fishing pole, and a shopping bag with six swords. We then took the complementary shuttle to the con hotel from the airport. We were able to check in early! We then put on our Hunter x Hunter cosplays (me-Gon, ~shadow-freak-Killua, ~Void-Pencil-Kurapika) and hiked over the highway to In-n-Out Burger--first time for me and Farfie. We actually got there before they opened, but they let us in anyway! Food is really good! I'm trying to remember what we did when we got back from the food trip, but I think we were mostly just people watching, Cheryl was doing finishing work on Masamune, and me and Farfie played her Korean jacks game while we waited for registration to open. We also met another Masamune and her Kojirou. I believe we registered and then I went to try to get a table at the swap meet. I was actually able to get one and I made about a $60 profit on a small bag of stuff I have kept holding on to from my last Taiwan trip. I also bought two Sengoku Basara keychains at the swap meet. I then went running out to meet :iconsaya1984: who had Mori Motonari's ring blade finished. It was soooo cool! There is no way I could have done that prop work myself. It's vinyl, plastic, the blade is even spoked with aluminum. I wanted functionality over accuracy so I asked her to keep the inner edge smooth so that I could still spin and throw it. We hung around outside and got our photos taken alot. It was so pretty outside, right by the ocean. I believe we then went to dinner at an amazing Japanese restaurant. Yes, it was pricey, but so totally worth it! I felt I actually got what I paid for. We then hurried back for Bishounen Bingo. I can't believe it still, but I WON A ROUND!!!--like after only 7 numbers were called. Too bad the prize wasn't something I'll actually use. I got part 1 of Okiku Furikabutte dvd which I have already seen (LOVE, but still...). But it totally proves my point that for these luck games, you don't need to buy lots of cards/tix, if you're going to win you will do it with one card. The bishie I got was Goth Kitty<--he's got the prettiest hair. I think I passed out after bingo was over.

Saturday: Woke up, BASARA day! I think we spent three hours that morning getting ready (Masamune-~shadow-freak, Motochika-~Void-Pencil, Mori-me). So by the time we actually got out of the room it was nearing one in the afternoon. I guess we really didn't have any plans that day. We wandered around to the different vendors, fan markets, dealer's room, etc. We discovered one of the real treats of the entire con! Or maybe it found us (flyers). We were pretty hunger at this point but we weren't sure what ~shadow-freak could do with six swords strapped to her waist. We weren't even sure she could sit. There was a butler cafe at the con that was serving actual food and they assured us that there would be enough room to maneuver Masamune around. So we (four of us old roomies) went. We split orders of Taiyaki and Takoyaki <--which was super delicious! =Saya1984 also got a glass of wine that I actually liked! It was surprisingly good. The butler lady, Tsukuso, was also soooo nice and helpful. I'm trying to remember what we did after that and I can't really remember until, =Saya1984 comes up to us outside, announcing that she had signed us up for the cosplay contest. We did the triple "WHAT!" Yeah, so we got spontaneously signed up for the masquerade and had to come up with a skit in like 10 minutes before it started. Apparently they didn't have enough entries, not even to divide up the contest by level like most places do. Another weird thing was that the judges didn't come to ask us about our costumes and how we made them like they usually do? Anyway, I messed up horribly during the skit (dropped a ring toss T-T--why!....I was catching them all day beforehand). So yeah, we didn't win anything, and the people who won were all people who should have been in the master level category. But it did make me happy that afterwards people were coming up to us commenting that we should have won and asking if we took commissions. Now as I'm typing, I remember going to the butler cafe one more time I think it was before the cosplay contest but I honestly can't remember, just that we got to have more of that delicious takoyaki. Oh yeah also we tried some of their cocktails. They were sold out of two of the drinks I tried to order so they gave us a round of blowjobs on the house (blowjob-sake, calpico, whipped cream shot, must drink without your hands) <-lots of laughs and fun. The butler ladies were so awesomely nice. My memories are a best a bit screwy now; I know we had our photos taken too but I can't remember when. I do know that me and =Saya1984 went and got In-n-Out burgers for the four of us again for dinner. Which we ate in line in the dark for the Bishie Auction. I guess I wasn't really all that impressed with the auction sadly and left halfway through with ~shadow-freak. I was planning on sleeping, but decided to go to the pseudo-rave with the roomies (Hooray for Grell's accessories).

Sunday: woke up! More Basara! Mori actually only takes me about 20 minutes to put on so I decided to leave the other two to their own devices and pack and then con wander. I actually got to do some cool movement photos with Mori and his ring blade (makes me feel better after my mess up the previous day). I then got to chat with the captain-guitar playing bishie and =Saya1984 <-I swear you know all the boys. I was then informed that Date Masamune was falling apart and desperately needed help. So there was like a group of us Basara cosplayers around a sole Date trying to get her cosplay to stay on. It was definitely amusing. I think I split off after that and went to the Oofuri panel. Cute Oofuri cosplayers! ~Void-Pencil then joined me in con wandering/vendors/fanmarketing. Until we decided to find where ~shadow-freak went off to. The Masamune and Kojirou cosplayers from the first day took us (plus a Yukimura) to lunch at Benihana's. Soooo good! I got my Benihana wish after all after I was completely thwarted the first day. I shared a "land & sea" with Motochika. We then took yaoi photos outside of MasaYuki and MotoMoto. <-Hope I see those soon. We then scrambled to change back to normal clothes--ahhhh, reality---before going to the airport! Oh while waiting for Motochika to change back, me and Saya ran into the guitar playing bishies again. I remember that the captain requested that we tip him in Euros, since he's a german exchange student. I basically gave him all the Euro coins I had left over from this past summer (~7 euros). He really thought that was too much, so he tipped me back a $5. Wow, first time I got money in the waistband of my pants. So I guess the last mentionable thing is that we got to the airport so early that we almost missed out flight when the gate was changed and we didn't know/forgot to check as the time was closer. heehee, oh well, all's well that ends well<--plus I got my favorite SFO food: clam chowder in a sourdough bowl!

Wow, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm loving the photos that I'm finding of our cosplays this time. Saya says she can definitely see all the love we have for the characters. Gosh, seeing the other two roomies, makes me miss them so much!!! 'Til Sakuracon I guess :heart:

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