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I got to go to Sakuracon for the first time this weekend. IT WAS AMAZING!!! CAPSLOCK CAN NOT FULLY EXPRESS HOW AWESOMELY EXTREME IT WAS! ok, since I don't want to type this journal entirely in caps......

On Thursday night, :iconsaya1984:, :iconvoid-pencil:, David (senpai from kendo club), and I drove back home to spend the night at my house.

Friday: We left around 5am on Friday morning. Three hours of the shittiest weather driving conditions later we arrived at sakuracon!!! SOOOOO AWESOME! We turned my car into a makeshift dressing room. I went as Tsuna from Reborn with Christina as Lal Mirch, Sasha was Zeb from Death Note, and David was Friend from 20th Century Boys. All of the lines are indooooooorssssss!!!!! We got through the pre-reg line in about half an hour. We then waited in line for the opening ceremonies. They were kinda funny. Afterwards we ate pizza. Then we split off. Lal and Tsuna headed for the exhibitors/vendors hall. Zeb to find Mellos, and Friend to the One Piece panel with the Japanese voice actoress of Luffy (she's sooo cute and kinda short). In the end, me and Lal spent like three hours in the vendors hall, buying a variety of items! It's kinda nice being in a mainstream fandom like Reborn cause there is soooo much merchandise. I think the best part was for me was winning in a lucky drawing! I got a cute uke bag at the yaoicon booth! I also saw :iconsharingan-girl: and :iconscornwyvern: as Axel and Sora respectively. Lol, uke picked me up and was carrying me off and now I have two awesome scratch marks on my stomach from her crown necklace! Yeah, that was fun to explain to the info booth when I had to ask if they had any bigger band-aids! Me and Lal then went back to the hotel after Zeb checked in. We decided that we'd go get something to eat when another Reborn group asked if we were going to the photoshoot. We decided to put off eating and head to the shoot with them. OMG!!! I think the only time I've seen a bigger group was like for naruto or bleach. It was like the mafia escalators at one point! SO EXTREME!!!!!!! Photoshoot was awesome! Lal took most of the photos except for the ones she was in. I believe since there were so many photos, I may make a slideshow and post it on youtube and if anyone wants a particular photo (or wants me to blur their face out can just message me. Afterwards we ate with the Tsuna, Gokudera, Reborn, and Hibari (need your dA names eventually! cause I can send you the pics of Reborn and Hibari pushing Tsuna into the pond!!!). And then we went to the Reborn panel, which me and Lal skipped out early on cause we needed to change for the masquerade ball. I made Yuuki Cross's white dress from episode 11. I'm soooo proud of myself except that I think I lost weight and even after taking it in some, Lal and I still agree it was too big. Uhm...what else...oh after that we went to the Naruto Faceoff! Christina changed into an awesome jounin Neji...I fail at life and forgot my Haku cosplay at home T-T. But it was still rather funny! And after that me and Neji did karaoke until 4 am the next day! I'm guessing the fatigue was enough to put us in a similar state as if we were doing drunk karaoke....

Saturday: Yea so Friday was epic...Saturday wasn't bad either! Same cosplays for everyone except I was Akito/Agito from Air Gear and Sasha was Mello from Death Note. In the morning I went to the Soul Eater panel while everyone else went to the cosplay contest. It was awesome that five of the voice actors from Soul Eater were at sakuracon except for one problem that I realized....uhm...I don't watch the English dubs so I had no idea if they were any good or not. Well, we watched the awesome cliff-hanger episode and now I'm very happy I don't watch the English dubs. The voice actor of Excalibur was awesome though!!! He sang the song during the panel! I then hung out with Uke and La-chan dressed as Links again in the vendors hall and followed Uke to find Chii :iconariaxchii: (Red XIII) who was singing on Rockband. I then met up with Lal again and we went to exchange something that we had bought the day prior that we ended up getting the wrong items. We wanted this package of six Reborn keychains but ended up with the figurines. The lady was nice and exchanged the items that her husband? messed up and gave us the difference in price. We then went back to the hotel to look through the doujinshis I splurged on since the guy at the booth was selling the Reborn ones for 40% off. We tried going to the Air Gear photoshoot but the only people who showed up were four Akito/Agitos. The funny thing was later in the vendors we saw a gorgeous Ikki and wedding dress Akito. We then went to the cosplay chess main game which was sooooo awesome. OMG!!!!!!!!! There was a Nagi from Weiss Kreuz!!!!!!!!!!! Found out at con that both me and Farfie really like Weiss so we were so excited that Nagi was in the chess game. I got a hug and pic too! I believe we went to eat after the game--Friend joined us. And then we went to the line for the cosplay chess after dark which ended up a total fail except for maybe Russia, England, and Ukraine and the Snake with the FedEx box. Oh, and my awesome sprinting skills when me and Lal realized we needed stamps to prove we were 18+. Lal said I looked like Sena from Eyeshield 21 (too bad I wasn't wearing the cosplay) and could almost see the green lit up path, lol......I didn't exactly like or stay for any of the panels after that. Oh we ran into the Ikki again and did the stupid obligatory Kogarasumaru pose. Lal, Friend, and I decided to go check out the rave but them two had bags and the bag check line was really long so we headed back to the hotel and watched movies and ate snacks and read doujinshis. And waited for the city of Seattle to turn the water back on so I could flush the toilet and take a shower. Sleeptime -- Tetris is fun, right guys....kick

Sunday: Right now I'm trying to remember what we did and I can't really remember much except for being zombie-ish. Akito/Agito cosplay again. We did another mini-photoshoot of me and then of Friend by the waterfall. Oh and I made two more purchases. One being this awesomely cute chibi 10yl Gokudera pillow and another a Zabuza print to go with Haku. I'm really pissed though at the vendor whom I got the pillow from. Lal bought the Yamamoto one and they cheated her out of $10 saying that she gave them $30 instead of $40. She could only have had twenties cause she just went to an ATM. *insert swearword here*. But there really wasn't anything we could do...I think? You usually only have to be really careful of that kind of thing in Asia. Oh and then I got chased by Friend who was gonna steal Gokudera. Oh and really sad for Sasha, she lost nearly all her photos when the laptop gliched. Three days worth of irreplaceable con photos. The drive back to Eugene was rather fun. Once again shittiest weather ever and this time it was like sheets of water and visibility was horrible! Oh and Lal was gonna switch driving with me. Well, I let her try and switched back in about five minutes. Sorry Lal but you soooo fit the stereotype that Asian women can't drive.

In general Sakuracon was once again AMAZING!!! So many pretty people, cosplays, and much better organized than Kumoricon. Lal is so, so awesome. Normally, I'm too lazy to take photos, and she took sooooooooo many for me. I'd like point out a character turn around and she'd be chasing down the person for a photo for me! So I have lots of photos to share!

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