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I am so amused by how many depressing stories I'm hearing from kcon this year. It's also kind of sad. I feel like I personally had a great time at con and none of the problems I encountered had anything to do with the hotel or crowding, etc. I think honestly it comes down to how prepared you are and, sorry to be the pessimist, but if you don't expect much you won't be let down if something goes ary.

I took a grand total of zero pictures this year...cause when cheryl tried to photoshop my photos from last year she said it was difficult cause of all the noise...so all these pics below I take no credit for...

We actually went to pre-reg/check-in/day 0 this year and I'm very glad we did. It saved us from having to get up as freaking early as last year. Me and cheryl went as shuichi and yuki cause those are really casual cosplays and we knew we'd be sitting and waiting lots. I was very happy cause I saw a belphegor (Mr. SHISHISHI man). After dropping everyone off I went over to cheryl's house and her mom made AWESOME macaroni and cheese!!!!!!!!

Saturday... we went as pokemon trainers. I'm in love w/ my dawn pokemon trainer cosplay cause I get to carry around my big white purse/bag thing and cheryl as lucas carries her backpack. We knew it was gonna rain so we came prepared w/ umbrellas.
We went to pioneer place for lunch and cheryl stopped by gamestop to buy p4. In the afternoon we went to the pokemon photoshoot. There were soooo many gijinka and trainers that we took up a whole sidewalk block while walking.
I guess the frustrating thing bout saturday was that only one person recognized us before we got piplup and giratina. Once again, accessories make the cosplay. Piplup, bradley got for me at the vendors. Yays! Thank you kouhai! It makes sounds!
Really on saturday I never really had that many problems with the hotel staff. They were courteous to me. They were also extremely nice when I asked them about parking and getting the parking card so I could have in/out priveledges. I think my method still works. "Just smile and wave, boys; just smile and wave!" People are still suckers for the I'm cute and pathetic please help me card. ^-^ I can't believe that registration reached max at 6000 this year. We had some friends who came around noon but couldn't register....well, I can only say I left cause "it's not my problem". Yays! I think I'm growing a backbone.

We went to the hetalia pj party for less than a minute before realizing that they were just marathoning the episodes. We all left and marathoned in the hotel room where we could actually see. Yays for staying in the hotel for the 1st time for me.

Sunday! I had lots of fun too. We dragged out the ouran cosplays again from last year for the morning. We were supposed to have all the boys but kyouya sadly, didn't show up until we had already changed for lunch. I haven't found any magical pics of ouran yet but here's a shot of the group, surprizing since there were so many ppl taking pictures.
It was awesome to actually have a mori this year. Thank you phoenix! We owe you big time!

The next part was one of the most inane parts of con. I decided that we might as well have a big buffet lunch at hot pot because I wasn't sure when else we'd eat. People agreed to try it out and even to the 15 minute walk. HOLY SHIT GET SOME FUCKING EXERCISE PEOPLE and stop bitching about how we had to walk for like 30 minutes cause you all were so damn slow. And we never forced anyone to come so you all could have just left if you weren't so directionally challenged. Ok, it was all better after we all had some food--everyone liked hotpot so there!

Afternoon was awesome! Me and cheryl changed into eyeshield 21! Sena and Hiruma, respectively. Killua took these photos when we were waiting to get into the ballroom: tango panel.
We also did the swing panel afterwards. It was funny cause we learned that while myself and hiruma are really good at dancing with each other we have "problems" dancing with other people. Apparently cheryl drew blood by nailing her partner in the head. Ah, we kept apologizing but the guy just kept laughing. We gots him a bandaid. Some more funny stuff happened afterward and it's all on tape. Told you mommy V that you need a camera on us at all times! heehee, Killua, you are amazing.

We decided to change before the masquerade (put on masks). This is the only point where we really had a run-in with the hotel staff. We had forgotten that you're not allowed to wear masks in the hotel lobby area which includes the little area that connects the elevator to the main ballroom. Well, yeah...the security told us we had to go around outside instead of going through the lobby. Not exactly a big deal except when we put on the masks we tie them under the wigs to not ruin the styling. We nodded and smiled and quickly ran away and down a different path and never took off our masks, lol. Take that Authority!

Then at the enterance to the masquerade ball we had issues with the kcon staff. We basically were still wearing our eyeshield 21 cosplays with the added masquerade masks. It looks really casual, but it's cosplay. STAFF! Just because you don't recognize a series doesn't mean you should be so abrupt (slightly rude) and stop us and call your higher up to make sure we're actually in cosplay! Yays for lesser known series!
The ball itself was fun though!

Monday! We are soooo suffering from con hangover already. Thank whatever higher power that we decided on just Gravitation cosplays again. Yay we participated in the cosplay choreography contest. Well, it really wasn't much of a contest, only 3 groups signed up and it turned into a random dance panel type thing. I was really looking forward to having some competition. Oh well, me as shuichi and cheryl as yuki did the still doll waltz which I choreographed. Afterwards we also did the original carmelldansen dance with Tk, Bradley, and Shey. It really makes me want to choreograph a chacha or salsa next to angelus from inuyasha.
I honestly had a great time! I'm debating whether or not to go next year. I guess we'll have to see. I do plan to create a gon cosplay to accompany killua and cheryl as killua if I do go! We might also have an Illumi and Hisoka (sexy pedophile bastard). But we'll have to see.

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