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Cosplay is the perfect hobby for me because it combines a variety of crafy skills such as sewing, prop building, make-up artistry and design (which I all enjoy).

I love cats, going to cons, meeting new people, and making friends =D! I am also a proud member of Project Victory Cosplay Theatre

***I would like to thank Jason from i360 for upgrading my account to Celestial!

***Thanks ACP for awarding me ACP's Pick 9/2012 I am honored!

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lauramichelle says, "So sparkly! I love what you did with the shoes."
For Cinderella from Cinderella
cherryteagirl says, "Gorgeous dress!! And love the shoes!"
For Cinderella from Cinderella
cherryteagirl says, "So cute! Yay for O-Chem! ^^"
For Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6
peteandthejar says, "Really cool work <3 i looking to make my one but do not no where to start do you have a cosplay Gide on your one as it look epic "
For Deathscythe from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
Ronon_dex says, "thank goodness i was about to go insane that no one did a claw from the shoes. very good for you. well done."
For X-23 from X-Men