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Hello everyone, I am Youko SU though some people know me as Yi Lan. I've been cosplaying for several years now ever since I got into anime as a little kid and dressed up as characters during Halloween. My current obsessions other than anime and cosplay inclue Jrock, Ragnarok Online, and console RPG games such as Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, or Lufia II. I'm currently a college student and an Independant Represenative for Excel Communications Company. My goal is to learn guitar and be fluent in Japanese (I only know some as of present) so that I can move to Japan with some of my close friends to form a Jrock band of our own.

Despite my love for cosplay, I'm slightly photogenic sometimes. I often don't like the way my pictures come out (read: I'm paranoid and think they make me look fat T-T) but I will submit them here anyway for all of you to see. ^^

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