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Yay I like cosplay.

& many thanks to Jason of i360.com for upgrading my account!♥

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Chas says, "i'm so sorry i missed this!! thank you SO, SO MUCH. i added a zipper underneath the armpit of the dress to make it easy to get in an out of. the collar is a part of the dress and it sticks out over the coat."
For Olga Marie Animusphere from Fate/Grand Order
crystaliris_art says, "I love your cosplays (especially the Fate series) they look great!nnI'm actually trying to make an Olga Animusphere cosplay to wear also and was wondering how your dress worked. (Zipper in the back or button up, etc.) The collar is throwing me off.nnnSorry if I bugged you. I don't want to buy the costume, but I'm not finding many other people who cosplayed her also. SORRY AGAIN if I bugged you."
For Olga Marie Animusphere from Fate/Grand Order
amaryie says, "I'm glad I gave you a Shance <3 (ALSO YOU'RE A PERF LANCE JUST SAYING)"
For Lance from Voltron: Legendary Defender
hildechan says, "crush me"
For Shura Kirigakure from Blue Exorcist
hildechan says, "nyaa-chan!!!!"
For Nyaa Hashimoto from Osomatsu-san