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Welcome to my page!

My name is Fuji and I have been cosplaying since 2003 or so. Im half Japanese American and I spend most of my time either Cosplaying, Making Comics, playing with my kitties or training Capoeira. My favorite costume right now is Motorball Alita from Comic Con and AX 2010.

I currently live in Denver Colorado and work as a Illustrator and Rapper.

Thanks for visiting!


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y0mi says, "Perfect Kyo :)!"
For Kyo Aizawa from POWER!!
RainyDayRainbow says, "I love your group! Everyone looks fantastic and you're picture are really entertaining :D"
For VesVes from Sailor Moon Super S
rare_dreamer says, "wow! It actually looks like real armor! AWESOME JOB!!!"
For Gally / Alita from Battle Angel Alita
Kichara says, "OMG, Gally! This is sooo cool! Gally is one of those characters I would really love to cosplay, but I would look silly doing it, since I am WYA too tall. XD"
For Gally / Alita from Battle Angel Alita
Fuji Vicious says, "it is wood and metal. and thank you!"
For Gally / Alita from Battle Angel Alita