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Welcome to my page!

My name is Fuji and I have been cosplaying since 2003 or so. Im half Japanese American and I spend most of my time either Cosplaying, Making Comics, playing with my kitties or training Capoeira. My favorite costume right now is Motorball Alita fro this last year at Comic Con and AX.

Right now, I live in Oakland and San Fransisco going to CCA with a major in illustration. I am from Denver, CO where i grew up with good ol' NDK

Thanks for visiting!


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y0mi says, "Perfect Kyo :)!"
For Kyo Aizawa from POWER!!
RainyDayRainbow says, "I love your group! Everyone looks fantastic and you're picture are really entertaining :D"
For VesVes from Sailor Moon Super S
rare_dreamer says, "wow! It actually looks like real armor! AWESOME JOB!!!"
For Gally / Alita from Battle Angel Alita
Kichara says, "OMG, Gally! This is sooo cool! Gally is one of those characters I would really love to cosplay, but I would look silly doing it, since I am WYA too tall. XD"
For Gally / Alita from Battle Angel Alita
Fuji Vicious says, "it is wood and metal. and thank you!"
For Gally / Alita from Battle Angel Alita