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Hmmm...what to say? I've been cosplaying since 1999 and find it to be a very EXPENSIVE and TIME CONSUMING hobby. *collapse* But definately a fun one. =^.~=

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nekoblondie says, "Adorable. I love it."
For Garnet til Alexandros the 17th from Final Fantasy IX
shadowinu101 says, "love the costume"
For Sango from Inuyasha
Terryio says, "Je suis fran├žais et tu es trop mignonne. au revoir"
For Chun Li from Street Fighter II
ChisaiiKogal says, "Wow this is a really good costume. The Hidikutsu *sp?* is really awsome! great job"
For Sango from Inuyasha
JobY says, "hey kewl pics i wish u had more but nevertheless. very kewl. "
For Chun Li from Street Fighter II