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Thursday: Arrived there early, ended up not getting my room as early as the other years. Which sucked to wait in the lobby for 2 hours but I met Azu and her group for the first time on Thursday which was fun. After finally getting my room, I went up and placed my luggage down. I had so many things I brought this year~ gladly everything fitted fine haha. I finished my Kamina tattoo in the hotel and finished getting dressed up into his O.S.T. version. I went to pick up my badge at the press and industry area. It wasn't open just yet, my sis was in line out the pre-reg for hers. I was sitting with Al chatting about Fanime going to start soon and Wayne found us, my first time meeting Wayne in person~ Once I went to get my badge for Sac Anime/Sac Con Industry, I find out that we weren't registered. I was frustrated because I called the day before asking Dan and them if the badge is ready (She told me everyone was ready) and Dan dropped off sac con stuff to me for the con the day before Fanime which was too much things to bring to Fanime, I brought half of the stuff. It seems there was some misunderstanding with the reg I guess, I was so glad the guy at the reg helped me out. In the end Sac Anime had no table so the things I brought became kind of useless. I was still able to get into the dealers room earlier, and my friend Tony helped me out by letting me place SAC fliers at his dealer space! It relieved me so much~ I felt really uncomfortable that day of the precon though. I didn't meet too many people but a few~

Friday: I woke up in the morning and dressed as Kaito with Azu as Miku and her sis as Len. It was so much fun in the morning. Met up with AndyRak and he helped us take a photo shoot of our Vocaloid. Andy's an awesome guy to talk to~ Fellow Hong Kong hehe ;p Later the day I switched into Kouyuu, but didn't stay in that long since originally was worn with someone else. I switched into Shenhua finally in my room... Man, was she so showy on the leg. I wanted to hide in a box lol but had none ('x');; I ran around with my bag and the box with my "Real Steel" Gurkha in it. It was hard to walk without the front flying to high. >>; I met up with Black Lagoon cosplayers at the fountains, everyone looked great~ I was glad we went into the lobby of Marriot. The wind was blowing me everywhere lol. Talking to everyone who was dressed as Black Lagoon was awesome~ :3 I was waiting for Wayne's group to all gather up in the mean time. I think seeing all the Black Lagoon cosplayers gather up in one place made me so happy, there needs to be more like this in the future haha. Somehow during that day I got mixed up in the two groups? I took photos with both groups, lol, Oh well, it was fun though. Wayne and the rest finally came~ they were so awesome! :3 We went outside to take photos... Oh dear, the wind was worse then earlier. (;-;) I used my box to block as much as I can lol, and then it was also cold. Wayne helped me out with keeping warm though and keeping my dress from flying lol. <3 While waiting for the shooting, I was chatting with Victoria and about cosplay and Fanime. I thought the conversation was kind of funny at first. And she asked me, is it my first time at Fanime. I was like, "Wait- you don't know who I am??", "It's me Imari~" I didn't get recognized for being Shenhua lol. XD;; And then also I was surprised people at the gathering knew who Imari was when my name was mentioned. The photo shooting was long, I was hanging out in the lobby most of the time with Luna and the others. It was a nice time to chat and get my feet some rest.

Later the night we got a lot of good shots in, we had a shoot with Lionel after our first shoot. I actually finally got time to chat with Lionel more. The whole shoot was very fun, I loved everyone there haha, one of my best experiences I had at Fanime this year. <3

Saturday: Dressed as Kurou from Demonbane in the morning. My room suddenly turned into a Salon where a lot of my friends came one by one having me help them with make up, wig and stuff like that. It was fun, but funny too on how many people came and went in the morning. XD I took a shoot with Azu for Demonbane, only if I had more time I'd take more. I switched into Dino after the shoot, applying the tattoos myself, which was time consuming. Next time I should invite people over to help me lol. I attended the KHR gathering with Yuki as Xanxus. (She needs to update her cosplay profiles more. :3) I kind of strayed away from the gathering after a short while, people didn't really seem to come up to talk to me as they said they would. I crashed into Muze, and I was amazed with his Mukuro in person. <3 I swear I don't show when I like someone's cosplay blah whatever lol, kind of wanted a picture but I had to run myself. I took off my tattoos as quick as I can, but the peeling and liquid remover caused my sensitive skin to irritate. :X I was getting into Hisagi Shuuhei for Bleach, but I lagged a lot because my back started to hurt and my skin was still irritated. In the end, I was putting all the make up and tattoo on for Shuuhei. I ran late to get to the gathering. Once I got there, everyone migrated to the park already. I decided I couldn't make it, so I went back to my room after a couple of photos. I changed into my Mukuro cosplay and helped Yuki get into Hibari. We took a walk outside and I visited a friend in the dealers room. Saw Jin and Miguel finally and said hi to them haha, they looked like they were having a good time. After a short while I went outside to take a photoshoot, saw a bunch of other Reborn cosplayers, I recognized them from online. After the shoot, I changed into Shiki at night. I helped out with my friends at Ycon the night and came back tired. I fell asleep right after I came back. I noticed I have injured my back from the extensive cosplaying. There was a lot of the time where I was in the room dealing with dress up or just plain rest because Sunday is going to be a crazy day.

Sunday: This was the day I pulled off 6 cosplays. In the morning I changed into Rhyme from The World Ends With You, with Eliot's DOAX wear right under it since they share wigs and contacts. Got time to finally take some photos of Rhyme in the morning. Truthfully I can't count Rhyme as a girl cosplay though she is, she's flat :p. After leaving the dealers set up in morning, I went off searching for the DOAX gathering. Found it was relocated at Marriott, I contacted Phyllis to go there. As I was walking there, I crashed into Wayne who then accompanied me to the DOAX gathering. At the pool, I took off Rhyme's cosplay and got the rest of Eliot's doax cosplay on. Had difficulties with my armbands, but I got everything on. The photoshoot and gathering was really fun, Phyllis made it to us. (Who I had to apologize for not seeing her at the door earlier) XD; But it was for sure fun. It was cold though during the gathering and then I also found out I injured myself with my real blades for Shenhua on Friday. After most of our photos, the fanboys arrived at the door, and they were all wanting to get in. XD I left once they came in. I went and changed into CCS to cosplay with LunaNeko and her group. Wasn't the best but it worked ok. After the photoshoot for CCS, I ran back to my hotel to change into Samurai Warriors. As people can tell how busy the morning was, I was late to the Dynasty/Samurai Warriors Gathering too. It took me forever to get everything on, from now on I need more than an hour to get it on. :/ I was glad to be able to make it at least. After the gathering, I changed out of Samurai Warriors into Phantom Skye to cosplay with my friend Kat. We did a cute Harvest Moon photoshoot <333 Most adorable main heroine ever. I was relieved to finally do my last change at night, I got into Klavier Gavin at night and went with my groupie to help out with the Double Up game at Fanime night. After our presentation, I sat there talking to Susan and Melody about some con stuff and general stuff. I was getting really tired during the game. My back really ached. At night I started to text some friends, but some never got back to me. I fell asleep waiting.

Monday: Last day of Fanime, I wore Lili from Tekken 5. Finally after waiting for so long to debut the cosplay hehe. Most of the morning I was alone walking around doing nothing. Until I saw Wayne and I chatted with him a bit, it was fun~ Lili was a big hit on monday, so many people stopped me for photos and such. (x.x);; It was fun to finally wear her though plus that I crashed into an Asuka that day! I hope to wear her again some time. Monday was really the last day to say bye to all my friends and short chats. I left for home around 2.

Con Conclusion: Overall wonderful Fanime even though with a lot of busy and troubles came along. Gladly I did my best to get everything working. Hard work pays off, I really enjoyed meeting a lot of great friends this year. Fanime is always my favorite convention every year.

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