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Report / Summary

Convention Report
-Got there early morning~ Was in Liz cosplay met up with some friends and decided to take photos.
-Tagged team afterward with Kei and we took coverage photos as well as "advertising" haha.
-It was great seeing lots of familiar faces and a lot of people who never been to big conventions before.
-Random person at Quiznos was like :O Death the Kid! and recognized us as Soul Eater.
-Finally bought Officer Hibari Chibi figure, so cute. <3
-Yuki was cheating on me the entire time at the convention and being a bad bad girl. :p
-Had yummy dinner times with friends and had nice chat times. <3 Clam Chowder.

Overall Experience
Old style anime conventions, pretty nice feel to it. I kind of miss seeing more of these types of cons now, rather I miss that not a lot of people go to these kinds.

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