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Cosplayer Imari Yumiki > Convention History > Comic-Con / San Diego Comic Con International 2010
Report / Summary

San Diego Comic Con, it is always so busy full of people. Dragonball Z Kai all the way for me. It was exciting to finally cosplay a character I said when I was younger that I wanted to do haha. Didn't get to look at everything around the con this year but it's ok I saw what I wanted most though at the least.

:3 - The booth was a lot of fun! I got a lot of energy just getting people to play and having fun. I feel bad for the people who kept coming back though and yelling their lungs out the whole weekend haha. Masquerade was fun times seeing everyone's costumes up close was so nice. Interesting enough, only did one costume the whole weekend, it wasn't as busy as AX but I hardly had any energy left to do anything else but help out. :D Fun was I saw Lionel at the airport and we chatted a bit before flights home, that was great news to hear about his win, MGS ftw. <3

:< - Oh, I just came back from long 14 hours flight that same day to SFO as I flew out to SDCC? Someone can confirm that I am officially crazy now. (>.>); It was a sudden thing for my trip before SDCC but I still wanted to go as original plan and help out so I had planned the best I could. It all worked out, I was just low on sleep the whole con weekend. Starved and dehydrated a few times without myself really knowing. Convention hotel system/shuttle = bad bad bad, thank you bad booking system this year, hopefully won't be that way next year.

Overall it was nice but I hope next time I have more energy to enjoy everything haha. Thank you to ACP for the great fun you brought again for SDCC.

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