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FRIEND CON~ oh and... MAMORU YOKOTA. That is all. <3

:3 - Met lots of people, chatted and connected more with some I haven't met in person before~ Had the chance to steal cosplayers to play with me and debut some costumes. Took lots of cosplay photos of others and sort of played which cosplay is which in person, my favorite hehe. Tasted all kinds of foods and got spoiled with super yummy blueberriessss~~~ Goals all accomplished.

:< - LATE SHIPMENT before the convention. Disappointing. Not being able to find certain items. Missed a couple of people that I wanted to see and take pictures of. Being too busy that I was running on strict time for myself. *whipwhip* Lol carrying luggages/suitcases and running ten flight of stairs 3 times x 3.

Overall - Not the best like last year, but it was an interesting con. There were some really good things that is worth my time. Hardly spent much money except finally eyed one of my favorite figure on sale. <3Mizuho

I mostly miss the people I met there, can't wait to see everyone again at other cons~ Best part of conventions is just plain having fun. (^^)

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