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Overall was a help out ACP con for me. I volunteered to help out with whatever they needed help with, since I wasn't assigned with any booth work and it worked out fine. A lot of people saw me run around like a headless chicken, oops, yeah I was very busy at AX doing errands and just trying to get to areas at certain times. It was a pretty interesting good con though, especially I had some of my wishes come true, surprisingly. (*^*);

:3 - Showed off to Jackie (Rukawagf) my wifey, how strong I was. ;D Shizuo and Izaya times was fun even though that was the only time I really played. Got to play a little with my Azus and saw some other <3s people, that was great. I did more than I expected and was quite satisfied. Played around as Heart Shirt Kamina, oh the lols. Oh can't forget. NATSUME BOOTH. (*A*); If it wasn't work time, it was stare at my favorite booth forever~ Haha.

:< - I missed out on buying the black kitty at the Natsume booth, oh well next time. Felt bad I couldn't play with everyone but my work con is work so just have to save it for next time.

It's never boring for a con when you have the awesome people to hang out with and just have fun. I was glad to be able to do what I wanted to do haha. It'll be interesting next year too I'm sure.

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