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Convention Report
-Boots didn't come in on time, last minute make shoe covers for Ace.
-Arrived there on Sunday around 10am driving through rain, at least San Fran and Sac isn't that far from each other. :D (Around 1hr+)
-Surprise times! Ohhh, ACE photoshoot times with painful contacts.
-Met up with a couple of people I know. Which was nice to hang out and chat when we did.
-Surprised Al with text message when I found him since he didn't know I was going. XD
-Bought myself a Brera small figure. <3 It will help me with future cosplay.
-After Con, went with Bart, Yomi, Kei and my sis for food time at a very interesting place that had all kinds of food to choose from. Like a mall but not. (o.o) Then super spoil myself times with Lychee Ice Cream!! <3

Overall Experience
Wondercon, was big. :O I was so surprised in how many people go and how big it was. Though it was too bad not a lot of cosplayers when I went. :< It was still a pretty nice laid back event, I'm considering going the whole weekend next time. It is indeed a smaller(stilllotsofattendees:x) version of Comic Con.

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