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Cosplayer Imari Yumiki > Convention History > Comic-Con / San Diego Comic Con International 2009
Report / Summary

-Headed out for the con in the afternoon. Was leaving earlier but problems happened. Actually problems happened all the way up to the con. I'm sure some of you caught me posting about it.
-Super fun chat and travel times with Peter and Sis.
-10 hours of travel time in total to get to SDCC. Lol. Traffic and HEAT. :<
-When arrived at hotel, met up with Mario. Omg! So exciting after how many years we go to finally meet! :D
-Hyatt was big. (*.*)

-Wake up early morning as usual. Took a look at SDCC as a fan and not in cosplay after getting my badge. WOW it's big and amazingly huge. They were giving out tons of stuff. It almost felt like comiket but more.
-Hahaha, randomly bumped in line at Capcom, was staring at the new Resident Evil. Omg! is it really Steve who is on the poster. :O!! and I found out it was, I couldn't help but fangirl for the new RE. Then finding out when I was staring at the poster, I was in line for the signature. Lol! Lucky. :3
-I did my look around SDCC all of Friday, this place is big and huge with a bunch of people. After the adventure, I only spent $3 on something I wanted but didn't get on preorder.
-Got into Dead or Alive Hitomi cosplay to cosplay with Mario. Haha, this brings really good memories. When I was searching for Ein cosplayer for my Hitomi in 2005. The only one I found was on east coast and we never got to meet up since East Coast and West Coast. Even after retiring Hitomi and bringing her back, I didn't find one. But at SDCC finally find my Ein which was the same person I wanted to have as Ein. I'm so glad. :D
-After shoot times. Time to switch from little bear girl to Roy Mustang times. Oh boy was he hot to wear. (^^); Thanks a lot to Wayne for letting me borrow his FMA. Save me some busy busy times.
-Helped out with Funimation/ACP FMA times. Was fun especially with fun cosplayers to chit chat with. Was a lot of fun.
-Aside from that, a couple of others found me and talked to me shortly. It was nice. :D Sorry if I didn't speak much it was super hot haha.
-After FMA times, went back to Hyatt and changed out.
-Free night time so I did a little traveling out of the hotel and rested the night after that.

-Woke up to get into Lili for Tekken at Namco Bandai. <3
-Rushed in the morning and met up with Al to get my substitute boots for Lili. THANK YOU SO MUCH ALMA to let me borrow boots. <3<3<3 It didn't matter what kind they were, lol, as long as they were white boots haha.
-After getting all into Lili, headed into convention to the Namco Bandai booth. Yay fliers and free things to pass out. Haha, Lili picture was right there, and that's where I stood most of the time.
-I couldn't stop but keep staring at people playing Tekken 6, I kept going, I want the game, I want the game. Lol.
-Lili probably got the most attention over my weekend at SDCC. Haha, every time I pass out 4-5 things I get asked for picture. Was so happy to see all the other cosplayers for Tekken at the booth. Yay more love.
-Had 1 hour of break, went to sit down and get something to eat, my legs were hurting.
-Rushed back in time to start working again, this time hot Jan came by in Rowdy Reiko. She joined me in chit chatting, then I got her to start passing out some fliers too.
-Because of this hahaha... 1 wasn't enough, when we were together, the photos increased x5 times. Non stop people wanted pictures with us, people were like "BOOTH BABES" and we weren't lol. Just cosplayers helping out~ But ah well, I'm surprised because we had a lot of photos taken but I find none online yet. SAD.
-After Lili times, it was my time to get to the Masquerade line. Jan accompanied me for a bit until I went to change out. I rushed back and forth, ugh, 1 mile + 1 mile of running/walking. (I did this a lot at SDCC haha adventure!)
-Traded off with my sis who helped me lined up for the first part of the Masquerade line. I stayed there 3 hours more, getting sleepy haha, until Mario and Sarah came to accompany me. Had lots of chat times and it was quite a fight sneak through the line to the Masquerade.
-MASQUERADE WAS WORTH IT. Of course to support my dear friends who was in it. I think I lost my voice yelling out to everyone. :<
-People left during the judging time, which was really long. >.> 1hr30min? something like that. I stayed all the way and saw my friends get awards yay!
-After Masq, left for some late night food. Then bedtimes at hotel.

-Woke up early, which I should of slept more but it's the last day. :|
-Decided to do FMA again just because I love ACP and wanted to help out with the last day shift.
-Helped advertise and had some hang out times at the booth with Mario and Sarah.
-I was tired by the end of the day, had to do a haul back to the hotel before I left too, by that time I was out of costume. But yay! 1 mile walking again haha.
-Left with Peter to travel back to home. Got home pretty late like 2:30am but it was in time at least. Thanks soooo much to you Peter for taking us to SDCC. It was tons of fun traveling. Hope you rest up and I will see you again soon!

-RE signature. <3
-Tekken 6 viewing! <3
-Got a lot of things I don't know what to do with them. But it was fun!
-Met some awesome people at the convention and chit chatted with a few friends who had time to hang out a bit. Miss you all~
-Mario as Ein~ Got Hitomi and Ein photos finally after 4 years? Yay!
-Had some yummy foods the weekend.
-Kept good eye out for seats during Masq. Got the third row up front. <3
-Seeing awesome skits performed by friends. <3 exception of yelling so much they can't hear sad. XD
-Just seeing SDCC and walking around was really fun. I can't really put words how much fun it is just exploring haha.

-Losing (Stolen?) things. I'm heartbroken. Bleh, and I thought having things stolen before the con was bad. :|
-Ran out of water before day 2. :X Lucky to have alternate drinks.
-Hot. :< They decide to blast AC at the wrong times lol.
-Masquerade line doesn't gaurentee you good seats even if you sat there for 6 hours. >.>
-Mmm... immature people. :/
-Guys trying to get touchy with me and Jan. >/ and snipe shots.

Overall Experience
San Diego Comic Con was amazing! WILL GO BACK IF I CAN AND WILL HELP OUT ACP FOREVER. <3

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