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Convention Report
~Positive Points of the Con~
-Had time to bond with close friends. <3 Lol Yuki stealing my pants and yay photoshoot times. Bart giving me one big of a good help and no, not Xepher. XD;
-Breakfast with Azu, we didn't rush that at least. *bugs you at Artist Alley*
-All the photoshoots for the cosplays I wore. Tons of fun and pictures came out good. :D
-Wayne joining me for cosplay. I was so lucky you had cos in making~ :D Thank you for playing with me at Fanime~Hehe.
-Helping out ACP. I like the fact people thought I was doing my own coverage until they see pop, ACP has the pictures, what's going on? :O Right Kei? XDD
-Natasha and Tiffy, was fun cosplaying with you guys. :3 I enjoyed it hope you guys get all recovered up after Fanime.
-Having friends who watched out for me, I <3 you guys. And thank you Peter for helping me not freak out on Thursday. X3;; We will all get dinner at the next Sac Con. :D
-Met some more photographers at Fanime. :D You guys were awesome.
-Seeing all the people I got to see and chatting for a bit. Always great to see you all.
-Soul Eater was tons of fun thanks you all in the mini group. <3
-Masquerade was awesome :O even though it got a little chilly when watching, Bart was awesome to keep me company. :D
-Fun laid back and chill Fanime was awesome. Plenty of good memories and I got to wear all my cosplays which was great.

Negative Points of the Con
-Rush on Dream of Doll. I'm so sorry Azu! But I was really feeling the cold headache and no food rush into my brain. :X
-Not seeing everyone I wanted to see and meet. :<
-Mishap on Thursday, lucky I had nice people help me. ;x
-Not being able to buy anything because I was on tight budget at least I picked up Kaito though.
-Change of schedule by others and minor issues.

Overall Experience
Fanime was the most fun and great Fanime I've had for the years I've been. I relaxed quite a bit this year though people saw me as to still was busy haha, I suppose so since I was running around helping out. I had a lot of fun regardless it was great seeing a lot of faces at Fanime too. Although I didn't get to see and meet everyone. ;x But there is always next time. Always will continue going to Fanime!

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