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Report / Summary

-Left 2am with Ellome and sis, with a little time burp. Yes, By the way we were crazy. :D
-Arrived to Kyoto Grand around 8:30am.
-Wore my ACY cosplay already looking for Henry. Spotted him and called out for him.
-Henry's expression about seeing Surprise!ACY wins so much haha. Yay! Mission accomplished.
-Headed to the con after putting some things behind, troublesome security not letting in but solved it. Got my things set down at Funimation. Wayne finds me when I came out of the booth.
-Took some pictures for ACY had to get a picture with both Henry and Wayne. (Ace needs to do that one day too. Whenever that can happen.)
-Went to handle some business things and went to pick up my industry badge. Saw lots of familiar photographers and they were like ohh! Acy! And got more pictures with Henry. XD And best was to meet up with artist for Acy she was so happy. :3
-First work shift was in later afternoon, was going to miss the Morning Musume concert. A miracle happened and I got to see it actually! Made my day and was so lucky to be able to get to watch, Thank you Jintoooo~ <3
-Concert was AWESOME. Everyone looked so cute in their outfits. The concert gave me a lot of energy which I didn't have during the weekend.
-Came back to work my part, switched into costume and was at the booth for a short time before we all head to premiere.
-Rei clones everywhere. :D And everyone was awesome haha.
-Night time, headed back to hotel got something to eat and looked around shortly. Changed into Ein later night with Wayne as Zwei, getting shoot done by sis and Jeff of i360.
-Day ended with sleep and tiredness.

-Woke up super early like usual, got into Rei + contacts. :< Ouchhh, painful red contacts are painful.
-Headed off to con to work at Funimation booth via for Acparadise.com
-Scared con goers, thinking somethings wrong with me. Sad, I was just in character. :p
-Everyone at the booth was fun to be around. I was trying not to smile the whole time since we were working haha. Sorry if I looked all :|
-After morning shift, took a walk around, stole Sharon to help me take some quick photos of Rei.
-Back to work, things slowed down. I scared off some weird fans. XD;;
-Changed out for Cosplay Masquerade and headed there after booth work was done.
-Cosplay Masquerade was interesting and was the time I started to noticed I lacked sleep. Was hard to stay awake but luckly did.
-After Cosplay Masquerade, there was some leftover fireworks going on. :D Yay July 4th.
-Headed back to Little Tokyo, there was food that made me a happy person. (I didn't eat all day except snack which was keeping me alive for the day.) Yakisoba <3
-Did a Hibari shoot, cute little animals. <3<3<3
-After that, fell asleep fast. Didn't even notice how late it was. :<

-Woke up... early. Got into Rei.
-Got some breakfast and headed off to con for morning shift.
-Played twins with Ellome since others weren't there yet apparently. Was still lots of fun especially with the Reireireireirei on the chalkboard. XD
-Even though tired, still had a lot of happy energy running through body. Pretty sure it's because of all the Morning Musume, that I even picked up their CD before I left.
-Did small shoot with Jeff and Jason for more Rei pictures, hurried back to exhibit hall.
-Had a little travel problems back to hotel, thanks so much to Jason and Jeff for the help. <3 You guys helped me so much, so lucky you guys were there.
-Shuttle drama happened when I was with my sis, some girl fake printed her shuttle pass. Got called out on it, she was scared to death. Guy was nice enough to let her aboard still.
-Arrived to a close destination and walked really fast back to Kyoto Grand. Made it right when Ellome and Chas was there.
-Got everything all packed up and ready and left back for home.

-Kept my promise with Pica to take picture with Kaname and get the signature. Yes I told him about you too. XD
-Morning Musume Concert~~ <3
-Super lucky all weekend. Makes me super happy especially since it's out of no where and I'm a complete stranger.
-All the great friends who were there to help and support me because I was really lost at AX.
-Funimation booth was fun, Acparadise.com is awesome, but I'm sure everyone knows that already. :3
-Sekret Acy import to AX was success. Mission accomplished. :D
-BlazBlue had a lot of my friends there, <3 to you guys. I made too many visits there. XD
- Yuki had a great time and Shraon watching out for her. I loved making funny faces at you guys. <3
-Saw a lot of different people, met more people during Funimation work times, you guys are wonderful people. :3 Sorry if I didn't talk much I'm just shy and in character during work time. :p

-Kyoto Grand haha. I enter the first day into hotel room, I find a used thong hanging on the shower curtains. And hello bullet holes in the bathtub. (Only unlucky thing. XD;;)
-Rei attracts a lot of attention even though it's just a uniform. Especially creepy socially awkward people who grab and pulls you away for a hug when your busy taking a picture.
-No Morikawa. Sadddddd. Bleh. But at least he wasn't my most favorite seiyuu still was kind of sad not seeing him.
-HK friends didn't find me at AX. Sad.
-Didn't see everyone I knew there sadly. :< Next con~
-10 hours of sleep the whole weekend of AX. Very bad, first time I slept so less. Glad it didn't show, but I'm really tired is why I delayed updates.

Overall Experience
In all, I had a great time at AX especially meeting and chatting with some really cool people. As usual cons, some areas here and there is bumpy, but my personal experience was fun at least. I will most likely go back next year.

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