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-Ellome made the ride there 10x better than anything I've gone for by travel. It was lots of fun being travel buddies. :3
-Arrived at the con around 8pm, got badge early. Heard about the free ice cream and found out I had to run through the loud rave to get to it. (;x;) but it was quite worth it, though the guy gave me too much so I had to give half of it to my sis. ('x');
-Was amazing to be there and introduced to people by Ellome. I can be a nobody at a con like this haha. ;p
-We were highly amused with the posters of cosplayers, I was looking as well around for locations to shoot around the con for a little while.
-I saw Bsaphire at the con~ and some people I actually did know. Haven't chatted with her for a long while and we did when we saw each other through out con. X3
-Stayed with Ellome at her room for the night with Melissa, Nessa, CJ and Juan. It was fun and nice to chat with you all and see you guys. (^^)

-Woke up really early in the morning and did my best not to wake up anyone. I woke my sis up as well and I went outside to the con.
-It was a slow morning and I wasn't in cosplay yet. Sis left to look at things as I was walking around waiting to see if Azu came yet and then I spotted Wayne which made the morning time not boring since a lot of people I expected to be there wasn't there yet.
-Waiting till Natasha came to con to do my first cosplay. Which was Tanuma Kaname from Natsume Yuujinchou which is a fail dress shirt, got changed after hearing from Natasha that'll we'll just head off to Little Tokyo for shoot with Muze.
-Had lots of fun shooting time at a temple, people there was nice enough to let us in for photos. <3 It was lots of fun. I forgot to bring an outwear for myself, I withstood the cold for about 2 hour and then my arms started to feel like popsicles. XD;; But all thanks to Natasha for lending me her sweater afterwards. :3
-After shoot went to eat with Natasha, Chibi and Wayne. After this went to the Fashion District for Natasha to do some shopping. It was quite crowded there, reminded me a lot of some Hong Kong streets that sell things like that.
-Headed back to con around late afternoon and saw Azu. Rushed to go change to Daijuuji Kurou and got Azu into Al. Talk about seductive loli girl.
-After shoot times, I had to get my bags moved to the room I am staying in. It was going to be time as well for me to change to my Black Lagoon cosplay. Get relaxed and then got my contacts changed... Got into my poofy dress Black Lagoon. My turn to be Loli which was fail. ;< But! I got to play with awesome gun prop by Wayne. <3 So makes up for me being a bad cute girl.
-Did an awesome shoot with Natasha and Wayne with i360 Jason taking shoot for us. It was really fun, I was tired though so didn't have as much energy as I should have. I really loved the costume~ even though I died.
-After all the shooting, I was really tired and I return to the room to change out. I didn't feel too well, not body wise because I knew I was tired already but I just ignored that feeling.
-Stayed with roomies for the night, it was pretty late when we all changed out.

-Woke up really early, didn't want to wake roomies with me waking up all the time. But I probably did disturb a little, I'm sorry haha.
-Got into my "World is Mine" Kaito in the morning and went to Azu's to help her into her Miku. I was a wake up call to them as well because they we're all asleep when I was there. :D
-After we got changed which took a little time, we went to take date time shoot. Only after we went to the con area for a short time.
-During shoot we went to eat and came back for a few more photos. Always fun to have Azu as my Miku. :D
-I went back to room to change out into my Katekyo Hitman Reborn cosplay. Haha Chrome, why do I fail as cute girls ;x but it was all for hibird worth it for me to try another KHR cosplay in 2009 when I wanted to retire KHR cosplays, so adorable <3 not only that, it was for the awesome Hibari I was with. :D
-Met some people that I wanted to meet, which was fun and nice. :3
-Went to room after I got lost in the crowd of people. And got contacts off, my eyes really was tired from the contact changes I had for the con. I got into Michael eventually after trying to rest my eyes from the over dryness.
-A lot of people came into the room, which got it pretty lively. I stayed cleaning my stuff in a corner and making it organized before I left to find Azu. It was like Macross Frontier day at ALA on Saturday~ the people in the room and people at con too haha. Which was very fun though~ I was mistaken by Wilson, he thought I was Muze for a short moment haha.
-Dust_Eden took my photos twice and after the second time asked if I was Imari. Hehe, yeah~ It was great meeting you in person finally. Chatting with you was fun too and seeing you a few times at ALA.
-Went out for my shoot with Azu as Michael and Klan. Interesting enough, by the time I got to the floor for their room, I completely didn't remember the room numbers. XD And no one had a phone, I left the paper I wrote with people's room number in my room, so I decided to um... play put the card into other rooms to see if it opens. lol~ for like 20 minutes. Luckly I found them in the hall haha. Azu was changed already so yay. We took our shoot, but this shoot got cut shorter because the Masquerade was going to happen soon which I needed to go shower and change out of cos for.
-After I changed out went to the Masquerade, I helped with the video recording and got front seat to see my lovely people I knew preform their skits. <3
-Masquerade was for a while, during judging time, got a call from my sis telling me that Jimmy was looking for me. Then during that time sitting waiting for masq to end erm, my stomach started to hurt for some reason. After the Masq finally finished, I went outside to find Jimmy knowing I told him 30min I'll be out when it was probably like 1 hour more. Gladly he was right outside when I came out.
-Chatted with Jimmy shortly and even got time around Camille too. :3 I <3 you guys as always. I wished I only got to see you guys earlier~ but we'll have time next time at another con for sure.
-Left back to hotel room with my stomach still hurting, Natasha and everyone else decided to go eat. Which I had to stay behind because I really didn't feel well. As I was in the room myself I remembered I had stomach medicine I brought in case which was with my sis. So I ran to get it.
-Joined up with everyone where they ate at Champions because the medicine actually cure my stomach problem. Yay~ :p
-Was a lot of fun chilling with everyone for a short while that day of Saturday~
-I slept much better this day than any other days, self explainatory. :3 By this time I was already, ok Socal is fun. XD

-Woke up... early again but not too early since I know I slept really late. There was no cosplay this day which made it relaxing for myself to just lazy out and be myself there.
-All my roomies had to leave early which as sad since I miss them all. :X Hopefully will see them again soon. :<
-Was mostly wandering around the con finally since I really didn't appear at con scene much due to all the things I was doing the weekend.
-Crashed into a cosplayer friend Jason, who surprisely I didn't know was at the con. Booo, but we had a lot of chatting time on that day which was great. X3
-Pretty much left the con after a while and saw most of the people I knew leave already.
-Fun travel times again with Ellome back home. <3

Overall Experience: My first time heading down to SoCal for Anime LA. It was a really super fun convention! Pretty laid back and relaxing. I didn't stuff myself with too many cosplays to wear but I had some really great photoshoot times with friends~ Was away from con area the first day but I was able to have time to explore here and there at ALA.

P.S. I blame everything on Azu for enticing me to go, so I am heading there again next year for sure~

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