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Hey fellow cosplayers!
The name's Lizette and i'm of Mexican origin!
As much as i LOVE to cosplay, i can only go to one convention a year and also don't have much money due to high college tuition. But i always try my best!

Cosplays i've done so far:
• Sailor Jupiter/Lita- Sailor Moon
• Ash- Pokemon
• Haku- Naruto
• Tohru- Fruits Basket
• Ritsuka- Loveless
• Kairi- Kingdom Hearts II

I'm always at AX, so if you find me, don't hesitate to chat away.

I'll also be starting class at the Art Institute of California--Orange County and taking BA of Game Art & Design.

By the way, i also work at Disneyland as show support for the Block Party Bash parade [California Adv.] and Electrical Parade [California Adv.] so if you see me, again don't hesitate to say hi.
My nametag says "LIZETTE" and under it "Twilight Town, CA"

i'm also at cosplay.com but don't have much up.

Thanks for dropping by!!

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