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"During your last physical we discovered athlete's foot and we believe it's effecting your brain." - Riza Hawkeye, FMA

Well I started cosplaying in 2004 with Lenne as my 1st official cosplay. I had fun and decided to throw together a couple of quick cosplays for mega in 2005 andgot hooked it big time. I have a lot of fun with my characters and enjoy all the friends I have made through cosplay. I hope to meet more friends soon.
Known on cosplay.com as Uchihaheir

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Axel's_gurl says, "BEAUTIFUL!"
For Lenne from Final Fantasy X-2
Axel's_gurl says, " Thats hott."
For Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto
SailorUsagiChan says, "lol, I love how you used the flames on the car for Sasuke's attack."
For Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto