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7/15/09 Update!

Let's see...I graduated with a BA in English (minoring in History) on December 2008. I hadn't cosplayed since October of 2007 (when I made Penelo) since that time, for I had been extremely busy with school, work, and life in general. I wasn't even going to go to a con this year, but I figured "Why not?" and went to one day of AX09. I didn't like it, so I'm done with that. I think for now it, it's going to be home/private photoshoots and I will aim for Fanime 2010 (since I didn't get the chance to go to Fanime 2008). I still plan on making Ashe from FFXII and a random viera. FFXIII looks amazing, but I've got to play the game first before I cosplay from it. (I love Oerba Dia Vanille's gorgeous design...even though her complexion, hair, and eyes are the total opposite of mine.) ;p

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cherryteagirl says, "You look so pretty!! I can't believe I missed you at AX..."
For Foxy Lady from Original Design
princess mekare says, "Very pretty~and the painting looks so professional, so no wonder people didn't figure you did it yourself. <3"
For Foxy Lady from Original Design
Sakurablossom says, "Amazing! Where did you get the wig? Did you have to style it or was it like that when you got it?"
For Lacus Clyne from Mobile Suit Gundam Seed
Maxsteel says, "How could no one comment on how gorgeous you look in this costume?!? Sexy legs by the way."
For Ayane from Dead or Alive Ultimate
cherryteagirl says, "ooo! Can't wait to see your costumes for Fanime 2008!!"
For Penelo from Final Fantasy XII