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I began cosplaying and modeling to break into something new and something unique. I bring a lot to the table idea wise and almost always have more turning up over night. I am dedicated to modeling something different to show case my artistic nature. Coming from a very creative background I have warped my modeling with costumes into bringing to life what I normally would have drawn back in high school, I needed to step up how I expressed myself, and cosplaying and modeling was perfect for that!

Cosplaying and modeling isn't the only thing I do with my time though. I am a Graphic Designer and also own my own business for cyber falls, Head Kandi. Between the business, work and modeling I find time to sew and create the props needed for my cosplays. I have never put cosplay before anything else in my life, though recently because it is becoming more and more of a career step for me I have been focusing all of my free time into it. Not only have the costumes gained me a sort of popularity among other cosplayers but they have landed me on two MTV shows, two HBO series, various articles in newspapers and magazines across the globe, a CD cover that was released world wide, a spot at Fashion Week NYC and most recently a photo book!

I live a pretty normal life outside of modeling. I live day to day doing what any other normal person would. I'm close with my family and friends and visit them often to hang out and eat good meals. I listen to everything from hip hop and rock to pop and drum and bass and dubstep. I love high fashion with a rock and goth twist. I watch way too much reality TV and obsess over everything from Monster High dolls to spiked platform shoes. I live in NJ, right outside of NYC with my boyfriend and Pomeranian- Puff.

That's all I can think of to say at the moment, there are always interviews with me around on cosplaying or modeling websites, just take a look around if you want to know more about that part of my life.

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