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Videos > AnimeNEXT 2009 Cosplay

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Jun 15, 2009 01:15:57 AM
That was epic.

Jun 15, 2009 01:33:37 AM
thank you for the kind words...glad you enjoyed it!

Jun 15, 2009 01:35:06 AM
omg! truly funny! I honestly laughed out loud the whole skit!

Jun 15, 2009 02:17:13 AM
juv - glad you laughed your butt off during it..meaning the desired effect was achieved!

Jun 15, 2009 03:21:50 AM
That was great!

Jun 15, 2009 10:11:31 AM
Thanks Everyone For there Kind Words :) (Kamina)

Jun 15, 2009 07:08:05 PM
By far the best skit there imo. Hope to see more in the future!

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Jun 15, 2009 07:52:53 PM
merkurrie, psychoseifer - these words of praise are very encouraging...and trust me...next year will be as entertaining!

Jun 15, 2009 10:24:25 PM
Such an epic skit :] me

Jun 15, 2009 11:50:27 PM
traci - thank you thank you!

Jun 16, 2009 11:59:55 AM
These guys had me rolling on the floor during practice. I friggin loved this skit. XD


Jun 16, 2009 03:14:11 PM
Smack it as one of the best!

Jun 16, 2009 06:25:42 PM
Thanks for your Wonderfull comments :) We did it for you guys :) For The Fans :)

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Jun 18, 2009 08:36:39 PM
best skit, you go jeff mario ken andrew, and you other two i dont know, your awsum too XD

Jun 19, 2009 10:53:30 AM
Shuichi= Awesomeness. Awesome skit you guys! I was cracking up the whole time!

Jun 26, 2009 01:58:41 PM
Thank you Paulaterra, This is Shuichi, and I'm surprised that My Cosplay name is not on here, but whatever, hope you'd enjoyed it

Jun 28, 2009 10:00:31 PM
i actually fell asleep when i was there and this skit woke me up love you guys!!!

Jun 29, 2009 06:02:32 PM
haha a alarm clock :P Thanks for waking up you would of missed a hell of a skit

Jul 08, 2009 03:16:42 PM
that was BEYOND epic. i showed this skit to everyone I know xDDD

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May 19, 2010 02:30:32 PM
This was awesome. Bonus points for including Schwarz. :D Now, must go share (Totally a year late, but alas... I was looking for G Gundam cosplay)

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