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About This Event

Description: Sunday, November 6 / 6:30pm - 10:30pm
Night of fun, yummy homemade ramen, and lots of free prizes.
-ramen and food in main room
-anime playing in room 2
-cosplay contest
-art contest
-door prizes
-Yu-gi-oh/cards in room 3

$2 prereg reserve price, or $5 at the door with no reserve price

To reserve please email or Facebook April or Lloyd. That way you can be put on the list.

PreReg cut off is Oct. 17th.


Location: 500 East bush st. Lemoore, Ca 93245 (Westley house; next to the first united Methodist church)

Volunteer Info: if interested in cooking, running tournaments, or greeting send message to belldandyamz@yahoo.com or message on acp

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